is a quarterly zine is a collection of eight asporationally poetic doodle dropping brain fairies swinging and swaying from clouds of cheese and pumpkin seeds spread across sheets of pink foil ripped like gray hair lacing bank statements long overdue from flippy flop floop flipple flap. FUTURE TACO explores spontaneity, stream of consciousness, and the documentation of singular moments within the tick tock of a click clock’s wooden bench stained in ketchup colored newspaper delivered fresh at doorsteps paved in green grass.
1. flying under pressure.
2. useless clowns.
3. heart.
4. optimism.
5. doing dishes.
6. ownership.
7. meet my mother.
8. above green water.
9. every movie.
10. confidence.
11. copy cat.
12. dream job.
13. repetition and razor blades
14. salami business.
15. be who we are.
16. paranoia.
17. kid pix.
18. games.
19. triggers.
20. sports.
21. weight watchers.
22. comfort food.
23. love.
24. paranoia II.
25. fresh coffee.
is a writer interested in conditional systems for collaboration and writing restriction in poetry and fiction. Matthew holds a BA from UCLA's Design Media Arts program as well as an MFA in Media Design from Art Center. He is the Founder and Managing Director of verynice and lives in Los Angeles.
is an artist whose paintings and drawings deal with a curiosity for the power of myth. His work aims to allow the individual to climb into oneself and discover where their imagination can take them. Dan holds a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), and he currently lives and works in Portland.